Cool Guitar Straps For The Cool Players

How Cool?

You cannot be a cool guitar player unless you have a set of cool guitar straps. One of the most important accessories of your guitar is its strap. Have you seen a rock-star on stage with a lame guitar strap?  No, because most of them only see really cool guitar straps. They are out there on stage performing in front of hundreds or thousands of people. Their image definitely matters; however it is not just their clothes and hair do, but also their guitars’ image.

Guitar’s Fashion

You, as a guitarist, may change outfits in order to go with the fashion trend. Guitars are able to do the same thing. Guitar straps are similar to the clothes and shoes that you wear as a person. It is the only sense of creativity that your guitar can have, so you should not deprive it of this ability. Take time and dress your guitar with the right kind of straps.

For Girls And Boys

Cool guitar straps for girls, however, may not be widely available in your local music shops. This is why, instead of going to the stores to buy a guitar strap, you can choose to create your own. You may just be disappointed to see the lack of art and creativity of the straps in retail stores, so you might as well custom make your own strap. Another option is to search for a guitar strap available from an online catalog or seller. Just like other products, you can just purchase things online and have them shipped to your doorstep.

Boys do not have much to worry about their guitar straps. Their sense in creativity is often dull, so they will most likely be pleased with whatever is available in the local stores. Sometimes, for boys, the concept of “the simpler, the better” applies. I have experienced this myself. There was a time I bought a nicely decorated guitar strap. There was a cool pattern that runs through one side of the strap. The other side, however, is made of plain brown leather. The leather was meant for the comfort of the guitar users because they are soft on the clothes and skins. However, the pattern of my new guitar strap was criticized. In the end, I faced the leather side up.

Guitar Fashion Guide

You have to choose the color and pattern of your guitar carefully. It is important to show your creativity and give a little importance to your instrument, but you should do I the right way. It is very important to dress your guitar the right way.

The kind of guitar that you have plays a big role, because you would want to dress you guitar accordingly. You do not want an athlete to dress up like a nerd, which would not be a good sight. Acoustic guitars straps tend to have a neutral and basic color. If you are to choose a strap with a pattern, make sure that they are not too bold. Look for those with a vintage design, they will fit perfectly.

Cool electric guitar straps are those that are colorful and bold looking. You have to show that you can carry and play that guitar with confidence, so choose colors and patterns that are crazy or really cool. Classical guitars, although rarely played with a strap, can carry guitar strap that has a plain color or a vintage design.

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