A Jasmine Guitar For Any Guitarist

A Guitar For Everyone

Jasmine guitar is a perfect guitar for anyone who is looking for an acoustic or classical guitar. Jasmine by Takamine offers acoustic, classical and acoustic electric guitars. Classical guitars are those that are peanut-shaped and have nylon strings. Acoustic guitars and acoustic electric guitars have metal steel strings, and hollow bodies that they use in order to resonate the music they create. The only difference is that acoustic electric guitars can be connected to an amplifier and to speakers. This way, they can be used in performances to large crowds. Jasmine can offer you guitars that you will need as a guitarist.


The guitar manufacturing company of Takamine Co., Ltd was founded in 1962. They were based in Gifu, Japan. The company is famous for its acoustic guitars, not so much with their classical guitars. In fact, they are one of the first manufacturers to develop the so-called acoustic electric guitar. This was a breakthrough for musicians because whenever they were going to play in large places, they needed to use an electric guitar or put a microphone in front of their acoustic guitar. With an acoustic electric guitar, musicians can now connect their acoustic guitar to an amplifier and still hear the same sound. These definitely sounded better than when acoustic guitars are played in front of microphones.


Jasmine acoustic guitars are known for the quality of sound that they produce. According to Jasmine guitar reviews, these guitars really do create good tone and project in a high level. When the strings are strummed, the notes from the high and low strings complement each other real well. They blend together in order to play a perfect sounding chord.

Jasmine by Takamine s35 acoustic guitar is a specific model that is known for its great tone. The dreadnought shape of the guitar and its satin finish makes it such an attractive acoustic guitar. These prices of these dreadnought jasmine guitars can range from a hundred dollars to $180, depending on the store you buy your guitar from.

My Jasmine Guitar Review

I, myself, own a Jasmine Takamine guitar and I can tell you how the guitar has performed for me. The guitar had a good range, it can be used to play folk, country, blues and pop music, and it would still play well. Depending on the type of music you play, you may need to strum or pluck or a combination of both. With my Jasmine Takamine guitar, I was able to do all of them without any problem with the sound and tone quality.

The huge body of the guitar also makes it perfect for performances because of its ability to project sounds well. The appearance of the guitar is sleek and simple. The face of the body is white colored, while the sides and the back are dark brown. The guitar’s appearance is very clean and elegant.

I got my guitar for a reasonable price too, which included a guitar strap and a guitar case. However, there was no built-in tuner and the store did not give a free capo. Nevertheless, this was a great buy.

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