What Is A Parlor Guitar?


A parlor guitar is just like any ordinary guitar. The only difference between a normal acoustic guitar today from a parlor guitar is the size. A parlor size guitar’s body is usually one foot in length and the sound-hole’s diameter is around 3.5 inches long. The necks of these guitars are also shorter, with approximately 12 frets. Both types of guitars have the same number of strings. Both are also tuned the same way, so the notes you will hear from both guitars are the same.


Parlor guitars are guitars equipped with small bodies that were used a century ago. They were developed and used during the 1800’s. Just like the first classical guitars, they were equipped with strings made from catguts. Later on, they will be replaced with metal steel strings after their innovation. Full-bodied acoustic guitars replaced parlor guitars because of the demand for louder sound projection. Although parlor guitars are still being manufactured today, they have lost their fame. I have been playing guitar for 8 years now and I, myself, have never heard of parlor guitars until today.

The reason why these guitars were first created to have small bodies is because they were meant to be played in small areas. During the 1800’s and the early 1900’s the places that parlor guitars were played in were only as big as a large room in a house, not in stadiums. They were played during small gatherings, which are mostly indoors. It was then when louder guitars were demanded when parlor guitars faded from the guitar industry.


These guitars became popular during the early decades of 1900’s all the way to 1950’s. They were famous in music genres of blues and folk.  Amongst the famous musicians who are known for having used this kind of guitar are Robert Johnson, William Bates, Justin Holland and Winslow Hayden. Today, with the types of music and musicians parlor guitars are associated with, they are considered vintage.


Amongst the earliest manufacturers of parlor guitars are Lyon and Healy, which were joined later by Washburn and Maurer. Their designs varied from simple to highly decorated. The designs can be as intricate as a painter’s artwork because the ability to play guitar back then was still considered rare. This meant that there is a demand for customized designs or highly unique designs.

Although they have lost their fame, these guitars are still being manufactured today. Martin and Company, a well known manufacturer of different types of guitars, is one of them. A Martin parlor guitar can go for hundreds of dollars – sometimes even thousands. Their vintage reputation has added greatly to their values. The same thing goes for Larrivee parlor guitars, whose prices are even higher than Martin and Company parlor guitars.

The type of wood used, the condition of the guitar and the age of the guitar are all factors that affect the price of these guitars. Of course, just like other guitar accessories, they also sell parlor guitar cases, though they are considered rare just like the guitar they enclose.

A Traveler Guitar For Your Backpack

A Guitar For The Road

A traveler guitar is perfect for those who are adventurous. These guitars are small and light, perfect for you to carry around during your trips. For musicians, it is hard to separate yourself from your music. This is why when you travel on trips to different places, you would always consider bringing your musical instrument. It is like when you pack your clothes and think whether you will need extra socks or not. With guitars that have normal body sizes, it is difficult to make the decision to bring them along. However, with a traveler guitar, ultra light and small in size, you can always bring your music along with you.

Trip Needs A Guitar

Not all musicians bring their instruments to trips just because they want to. There are reasons why musicians bring their instruments to trips or adventures. The first is that maybe the musical instrument is needed. It may be part of their job to play music for travelers. Sometimes, there are people who play in public places. These are the kinds that you see with open guitar cases on the floor in front of them. Another case would be when there is a project that has to be done, and music is required.

Guitar Needs A Trip

The other reason is the opposite of the first one. The trip does not need music, but the music needs a trip. A musician must be inspired in order to create music. They may need to experience things in order to compose music that really speaks. They may need to feel the joy of surfing, reaching the summit, walking through a busy city, experience an adventurous, and many more.

Traveler Guitars In The Market

There are travel size guitars available for all kinds of guitars. There are electric guitars, classical guitars, acoustic guitars and acoustic electric guitars available in travel size. This way, you will certainly no miss a chance to enjoy your music, or performance, regardless of the place you are travelling to. A travel size guitar is similar to a normal guitar in every way, except its size. There are still six strings with and the same number of frets. There are actually travel guitars today that you can disassemble for packing and reassemble it again.

The traveler guitar eg-1 is a travel size electric guitar. Its body is smaller, and has a vintage-looking shape. They are equipped with knobs just like a normal electric guitar. I would recommend these for the avid guitar players on the go. Also available in the market are the travel guitar pro series. These travel size guitars are designed for professional performers who are always on the go. With no body and just the neck, these guitars are light and portable. They are equipped with a built in amplifier or a stethoscope if you do not want to be noisy.

According to traveler guitar reviews, these guitars are perfect for almost anyone who is looking to purchase them. This is because of the fact that they are designed specifically for their purpose, to be portable. The tones and sound projection levels are pretty much the same amongst traveler guitars. Regardless of the size or quality of your travel size guitar, you will always have the chance to create music where ever you may go.

Black Acoustic Guitars For The Cool Guitarists

Cool Factor

A black acoustic guitar has got a cool vibe with it, everyone knows that. It is different from the normal white or brown colored guitars. Imagine yourself on stage with a band. Choose your favorite band and they will be there to accompany you on stage. Now, choose what kind of guitar you would like to have. Yes, I would have chosen black too.

I guess you can say they are cooler because of this difference. I, myself, did choose a black guitar for my second guitar. After 3 years with my acoustic guitar with a white body, I did not hesitate to get myself an acoustic guitar black and looking cool.


A black guitar has got the same features as a normal acoustic guitar. They have the same body sizes, the same number of strings and number of frets. There are also different types that are available such as classical, acoustic, acoustic electric and electric.


The only difference is the color of the body and the neck. There are only two effects of this difference in color. The first is that you would have to choose guitar straps that would fit the color black. These straps can be bold colored and can have intricate custom designs, but they should not be too bright. With my black guitar, I stuck with bold colors such as blue and red. I also found some cheap straps that were nicely designed. These were the kinds of straps that you would think were custom made. I avoided colors like bright orange, yellow and pink. They will definitely not go with you and your cool guitar.

The second difference is that black guitar owners have got to be much more careful when it comes to scratches. Having a black color, the scratches they get are much more noticeable when compared to white bodied guitars. Today, my black acoustic electric guitar has got dozens of scratches at the back. These scratches are white colored, which is why I sometimes had to cover them up or buy products that can paint over the white scratches. These are the main differences between black and white acoustic guitars.

Guitars In The Market

When it comes to choosing the kind of black guitar to purchase, it is important to keep a few things in mind. The sound quality is the first on the list, especially the quality of tone and loudness of the guitar. The second is the brands available in your local stores. It is wise to choose a brand that is known for making good quality guitars so that you can rest assure that your guitar will last long and provide good quality music. Last thing to consider is the guitar’s price. Your budget may be large, but you should consider the price of the guitar in relation to its usage. Guitars that will only be used for practices by beginners, for example, are supposed to be cheap.

If you are looking for a guitar that is good for beginners and intermediate guitar players, you should look for black Fender acoustic guitars. The brand is trusted, and the guitar’s quality is ideal for most guitar players. They also sell guitars that are available in prices affordable to many.

Cool Guitar Straps For The Cool Players

How Cool?

You cannot be a cool guitar player unless you have a set of cool guitar straps. One of the most important accessories of your guitar is its strap. Have you seen a rock-star on stage with a lame guitar strap?  No, because most of them only see really cool guitar straps. They are out there on stage performing in front of hundreds or thousands of people. Their image definitely matters; however it is not just their clothes and hair do, but also their guitars’ image.

Guitar’s Fashion

You, as a guitarist, may change outfits in order to go with the fashion trend. Guitars are able to do the same thing. Guitar straps are similar to the clothes and shoes that you wear as a person. It is the only sense of creativity that your guitar can have, so you should not deprive it of this ability. Take time and dress your guitar with the right kind of straps.

For Girls And Boys

Cool guitar straps for girls, however, may not be widely available in your local music shops. This is why, instead of going to the stores to buy a guitar strap, you can choose to create your own. You may just be disappointed to see the lack of art and creativity of the straps in retail stores, so you might as well custom make your own strap. Another option is to search for a guitar strap available from an online catalog or seller. Just like other products, you can just purchase things online and have them shipped to your doorstep.

Boys do not have much to worry about their guitar straps. Their sense in creativity is often dull, so they will most likely be pleased with whatever is available in the local stores. Sometimes, for boys, the concept of “the simpler, the better” applies. I have experienced this myself. There was a time I bought a nicely decorated guitar strap. There was a cool pattern that runs through one side of the strap. The other side, however, is made of plain brown leather. The leather was meant for the comfort of the guitar users because they are soft on the clothes and skins. However, the pattern of my new guitar strap was criticized. In the end, I faced the leather side up.

Guitar Fashion Guide

You have to choose the color and pattern of your guitar carefully. It is important to show your creativity and give a little importance to your instrument, but you should do I the right way. It is very important to dress your guitar the right way.

The kind of guitar that you have plays a big role, because you would want to dress you guitar accordingly. You do not want an athlete to dress up like a nerd, which would not be a good sight. Acoustic guitars straps tend to have a neutral and basic color. If you are to choose a strap with a pattern, make sure that they are not too bold. Look for those with a vintage design, they will fit perfectly.

Cool electric guitar straps are those that are colorful and bold looking. You have to show that you can carry and play that guitar with confidence, so choose colors and patterns that are crazy or really cool. Classical guitars, although rarely played with a strap, can carry guitar strap that has a plain color or a vintage design.

A Jasmine Guitar For Any Guitarist

A Guitar For Everyone

Jasmine guitar is a perfect guitar for anyone who is looking for an acoustic or classical guitar. Jasmine by Takamine offers acoustic, classical and acoustic electric guitars. Classical guitars are those that are peanut-shaped and have nylon strings. Acoustic guitars and acoustic electric guitars have metal steel strings, and hollow bodies that they use in order to resonate the music they create. The only difference is that acoustic electric guitars can be connected to an amplifier and to speakers. This way, they can be used in performances to large crowds. Jasmine can offer you guitars that you will need as a guitarist.


The guitar manufacturing company of Takamine Co., Ltd was founded in 1962. They were based in Gifu, Japan. The company is famous for its acoustic guitars, not so much with their classical guitars. In fact, they are one of the first manufacturers to develop the so-called acoustic electric guitar. This was a breakthrough for musicians because whenever they were going to play in large places, they needed to use an electric guitar or put a microphone in front of their acoustic guitar. With an acoustic electric guitar, musicians can now connect their acoustic guitar to an amplifier and still hear the same sound. These definitely sounded better than when acoustic guitars are played in front of microphones.


Jasmine acoustic guitars are known for the quality of sound that they produce. According to Jasmine guitar reviews, these guitars really do create good tone and project in a high level. When the strings are strummed, the notes from the high and low strings complement each other real well. They blend together in order to play a perfect sounding chord.

Jasmine by Takamine s35 acoustic guitar is a specific model that is known for its great tone. The dreadnought shape of the guitar and its satin finish makes it such an attractive acoustic guitar. These prices of these dreadnought jasmine guitars can range from a hundred dollars to $180, depending on the store you buy your guitar from.

My Jasmine Guitar Review

I, myself, own a Jasmine Takamine guitar and I can tell you how the guitar has performed for me. The guitar had a good range, it can be used to play folk, country, blues and pop music, and it would still play well. Depending on the type of music you play, you may need to strum or pluck or a combination of both. With my Jasmine Takamine guitar, I was able to do all of them without any problem with the sound and tone quality.

The huge body of the guitar also makes it perfect for performances because of its ability to project sounds well. The appearance of the guitar is sleek and simple. The face of the body is white colored, while the sides and the back are dark brown. The guitar’s appearance is very clean and elegant.

I got my guitar for a reasonable price too, which included a guitar strap and a guitar case. However, there was no built-in tuner and the store did not give a free capo. Nevertheless, this was a great buy.